Drevený kryt Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max Ziricote Magsafe


Kryt je vyrobený z dreva v kombinácii so silikónovou a polykarbonátovou ochranou, je dokonalou kombináciou nadčasového dreva a moderných prvkov.

SKU BWD10369 Kategória Značka

The most important features.• 100% protection;• Made of natural wood;• Compatible with Apple MagSafe accessories;• Works with magnetic car mounts• Compatible with inductive chargers (QI technology);• Does not interfere with contactless payment signal, NFC;• Compatible with front protective glass;• TPU silicone [cradling the sides of the phone on four sides];• Impact-absorbing material;• Perfectly fitted to the shape of the phone;• Anti-slip layer for a secure grip;• Easy access to charging port, keys and ports;• Carefully designed button embossing;• Handcrafting and finishing of wood;• Presnosť of manufacture;• Warranty: 12 months.

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